The Last Roses of Summer…October 2016

Yes, the last…the next to last, anyway.
So delicate and beautiful, we now have three rosebushes gracing the strip garden beside our driveway, one bright fuchsia pink, one shaded green-rose, and this peach rose.

This is the time of year when the maple tree has turned red, red, casting inside the house through the windows a rose red glow even when the sky is overcast.

Now, past the 20th of October, the red leaves are all down already. The maple is sticks against the background green (still) beech. The indoor glow lessens to a color-neutral as the light from yellow leaves all around the house is dominant. Up the street there is one old giant swamp maple burning flame-orange.

Leaves down!It is this time of year, apparently, that beckons me to return to writing.

And grateful for it.


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