As the poems I have to offer you today are brief, I am thinking of this as a brief , and I hope welcome, visit.

–Brief, to reflect the brevity of haiku. Haiku is a Japanese form of poetry. Traditionally there are three lines, in the format of first 5 syllables, then 7, then 5 again, usually employing nature imagery. I do not know if the original format is well-employed in English, but English-speaking poets have been writing haiku for ages. So I am approaching this poetry again.

I have had numerous murmurings of lines for poems, or images, over the last year or more, yet have not written much that is ample. Instead, brief vignettes have passed by my imagination. Then I remembered haiku.

Perhaps haiku, I thought. Short, distilled. Still, capturing some portraits of uncountable winter scenes and thoughts.

Here are some I wrote this week.

If February is wearying where you are, think of catching haiku in what you see or hear around you. It is challenging, a cheering and a quieting writing.


Haiku 1

Ice-sheathed twigs backlit

By sun after freezing rain

Winter light arrayed.

Haiku 2

Cognitive decline,

Not like lovely falling blooms;

No sweet Spring to come

Haiku 3

Listen through breezes

For similes and pathos:

You may hear haiku.

Haiku 4

Through sleet and snowstorm

Bird singing his mating song

Declares Spring will come.

Haiku 5

I will sit with God

Today in silence, loving;

Laugh aloud with Him.

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