Ayla~Tricolor English Cocker Spaniel~2004-2014


Tri-color English Cocker Spaniel


I liked to look into her pretty face.

Her long black ears hung down like a little girl’s

Ponytails. When she looked back at me, her eyes

Took on a certain mischief, as if she always thought

I was joking. She’d suddenly crouch and bark a dare

To play tag, confident she’d be faster. She loved to lick

Faces (and bare feet). But I didn’t love having my face

Licked, like John did, and she knew it.

So, special for me, Ayla would wrinkle up her nose and,

Eyes shining mischief, lick the air just in front of my nose,

And make me laugh.

Good Night, Ayla. We thank God for having known you.
Copyright  2014~Deanna Harrington Christiansen

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